Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Meeting Topics

  • Film analysis:
    • John K's "Ren and Stimpy"
    • Warner Bros. "Three Little Bops"
  • What makes a story?
    • StarWars discussion as example of archetypes and plot
    • recommended text: A hero with a thousand faces

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Meeting Topics

  • Election process discussion
    • Decided on simple majority vote for all elections in the future.
  • Demonstration possibilities for next quarter
    • Mike: Dialog Dubbing
    • Heather: 3DS Max intro
  • Should we push ASIFA membership for all members and animation students?
  • Focus for the future: Story
  • Fundraiser Ideas
    • Bake off
    • Caracature at social events
  • Ground rule: When showing work in club meetings, criticisms must accompany constructive advice for improvement.
  • Weekend get togethers?
  • Name change from "Animation Nation"

Things to think about for next week: How to promote our club?