Monday, October 06, 2008

Character Animation Crash Course!

If you’re interested in taking your animation skills to the next level, Eric Goldberg’s book is perfect. It’s packed with lots of information on character construction, staging, composition and it comes with a CD. The book is light but heavy with content. It’s an easy read. However this is not for beginners, its loaded with examples that require a basic level of understanding of animation. This is a book every animator should have on their bookshelf. Pick it up at Amazon. Most bookstores probably won’t have it in stock and buying online is cheaper.


Story Ka-Zine Issue #2 Call for Submissions

Here it is! Story Ka-Zine issue numero dos! It's the art zine made by Ai Inland Empire students to promote our own art as well as the art of anyone else. We plan on making this one bigger and better than the last so get creating. There's plenty of time until the dead line in November so get started and make something amazing.

The phrase for issue #2 is
Alien Sushi

- Final print size is 5.5 x 8.5"
- All artwork must be scanned at 300 dpi
- Jpeg format
- Short stories are limited to two (2) 5.5x8.5" pages
- Use no smaller than a 9pt readable font on short stories
- Grayscale or black and white artwork only
- DEAD LINE is NOV. 29th

Send your submissions and questions to

Remember that the phrase "Alien Sushi" is your starting point. Interpret it however you want, but think outside the box. Wait! Just kill the box all together and go crazy!