Thursday, September 04, 2008

Story Ka-Zine and One Way to Unblock Those Blasted Mind Blocks

Story Ka-Zine issue one sold out! People loved it. There were a lot of comments on how great it looked and that they didn't want to take it out of the packaging. I have to thank Demetre for all the support and Mike Meave for his layout work. Johnne saved me lots of work over the weekend by helping with the folding and putting them all together. And of course thanks to everyone who submitted work. This issue was really rushed, but it was a great beginning and is leading towards greater things. I personally can't wait for issue 2.

We began discussing possibilities for issue #2 yesterday in Story Kabob and it will be coming out towards the end of Fall quarter. As soon as things are ironed out we'll post so watch closely. Remember that submissions are open to everyone; students, staff, and civilians (anyone outside of beloved Ai-Inland Empire community).

Along with Story Ka-Zine we also discussed our stories. I was stuck on the middle section of my story and Demetre decided to use me to teach us all a lesson. After briefly describing my known plot points he had everyone start throwing out ideas as to where the story could go. There were many crazy and bizarre ideas thrown out but his point was proven and I gained some insight into my story. Demetre's point, well I should say the point that I picked up on (I could have very easily missed his point entirely) was that when you're stuck let your mind go and just think of any and all possibilities regardless of how insane they might be. From there you can pick and choose and shape your story accordingly.

That's all for now. I'll post some pictures when I get a hold of some. Peace out.


Oh, I thought it would be appropriate to list all those featured in Issue #1 of Story Ka-Zine. Here they are.

Niles White
Taber Dunipace
Johnne Tyson
Vince Molina
Jake Castorena
Jon Vazquez
Carlos Galvez
Drifting Eddy
Mark Carino
Dustin Glauser
And thanks to my buddy Samson for the intro.

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Taber said...

Serve it up, serve it up, serve it up ya'll! VICTORY THAT IS!

"3rd prize is $10 goes to Story Kabob (52 total). The winning clubs will be able to use this prize towards their club activities, congratulations!"

Sweet sweet, 3rd place VICTORY!