Sunday, April 04, 2010

Wow, haven't been here for awhile

Well the blog has been on hiatus for awhile and for good reason. Many things have changed including the cancellation of story kebab. It was good while it lasted but I decided to move on. So I also decided to take the knowledge of my story and post things online directly related to it. Not that anyone would care to read it, but I feel like story in mainstream is slowly dying out. What's worse it seems that it is acceptable.
The only company that is got it right is Pixar and its amazing to see them put all their focus onto story. It's humbling to hear Pete Doctor talk about how long they work out the story, (which takes usually about 2-3 years). Pete Doctor just won animated feature of year award at the Academy Awards. Personally I thought UP was just fairly okay film. It wasn't anything extraordinary or brilliant, but because the competition is lagging Pixar won again.

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