Monday, July 21, 2008

Some Things to Remember When Presenting

When presenting an IDEA, tell us:
- What is the "Hook" for your idea
- Who is the main character
- What do they want
- Where/when does it take place
- When first presenting an idea there isn't a need to elaborate on the back-story or the history of your stories world. Just the basics.

When presenting a STORY, tell us:
- Present a particular scene in your story using only action, dialogue and brief description
- Do NOT explain back-story or history
- Do NOT go off track and explain other things happening in the story which we cannot experience in this one particular scene
- Act it out! If you really get into your scene, we'll get into it too.

When presenting ARTWORK:
- Try to show us the artwork without explanation at first and just allow the audience to experience the work the way they would if you weren't there
- If showing thumbnails or rough ideas, explain what the idea is and how you plan to achieve your goal
- Unfinished work is absolutely welcome!


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