Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Last Week's Meetin' (8/6/08)

Last weeks meeting was a good one. Johnne and I received some good advice on our ideas. When we were discussing the story idea that I'd presented it was suggested that any main villian would need to be the direct opposite of my hero. What this would do is make for great conflict. Stories are all about conflict. If there is no conflict then where's the story? John Truby reveals how much conflict plays a part in story telling in his seven steps (check out the post Classical Structure under Previous Posts).
Besides discussing story structure and ideas we also talked about things we could do as a club. Demetre realized that we have a quarterly budget that we need to use. Aaron brought up the idea of using some of it to purchase small items for some of the classrooms. An example would be small mirrors for each desk of the animation room. Another idea was to produce a zine. I've been thinking about different ways in which we could present it to the public (the public being the school) and will see what everyone thinks about my ideas today. Right now we know that it will be 5.5 x 11" and black and white. I'm really excited about it and want to get issue # 1 out as soon as we can.
That's it for now. We meet again today and every Wednesday at 4:30 in the animation room. Peace out!


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